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Dear Travel Agents,

We are happy to provide you with some of our preferred hotels' web sites. They are "preferred" because our staff and local contacts have selected them based on criteria that fit the "In Quest of the Classics" philosophy. We know they are good, we know which rooms to book - subject to availability - and we know that your clients will be well looked after.

We know that at times you will decide to book these hotels directly, but we hope that you will remember to book with us when in need of a full-service FIT quote. Booking a room in a 16th century building is not as simple as booking one in a 21st century building. There are many different sizes and categories of rooms. We will help you pick the right one for the right client. Please keep in mind that relying on the various European rating systems is not always helpful. Stars are often attributed based on certain services provided by the hotel, such as a lift or a restaurant, rather than on the actual quality of the accommodations. This is why we hope that our knowledge of these properties will convince you to book with us.

This list is not exhaustive, so please call us if you do not see a hotel featured in the area your clients will be travelling.

Please be aware that IQOTC is not a "hotel reservation service" and that we require a minimum of 7 hotel nights plus at least 2 other main travel services to be able to quote.

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